Network Manager for Solar Trackers


Albuquerque, NM August 12, 2013

P4Q’s Suntrack, the largest line of solar tracker controllers, has created a Network Manager to use with their AC Suntrackpro or DC Suntrackpro Lite controllers.  The product is a simple way to manage sensors such as wind meters, master clock or other resources for a field of trackers. 


The new product, called Suntrack NCUpro, can be ordered either wireless or wire line.  To rapidly commission a field of trackers, scan the bar code of each controller and then load this into the NCUpro.  After this is completed, just turn on the power and each tracker will be pointed into the perfect sun position.  As a failsafe, the solar tracking controllers will operate even if the NCUpro is offline.  Another benefit is a key on the NCUpro.  When turned, the trackers will move to a set position for maintenance mode.  This could be for mowing, moving debris or cleaning.


 “We have used the NCUpro in a few of our projects now.” said Dan Shugar, CEO of Solaria Corporation. “As an early adopter we have seen the NCUpro move to a very automated, easy to deploy product. P4Q has been very responsive to our requests.


 “Our main intention with the NCUpro has been to have a reasonably priced SCADA network manager to handle stow commands for heavy winds.” said Aitor Alapont, Suntrack Product Manager for P4Q. “As we designed the system we realized we could add a quick deployment process, remote monitoring, remote access to controllers, and a place where other sensors such as snow, temperature, moisture and others could go.”



P4Q’s Suntrack product line is the number one vendor of solar tracking controllers in the world.  800MW of solar energy are created using Suntrack products.  These include concentrated PV, PV and CSP projects.   With a full surface mount technology line P4Q also provides products, under a contract basis for the train and automobile industries.  For more information



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