New Heliostat Calibration System from P4Q Electronics

Solar towers can be more efficient than ever. P4Q Electronics announces a new improved system, called Heliostat Calibration, which automatically calibrates entire heliostat fields to ensure the most light as possible bounces from the field of heliostats to the tower creating the most electricity possible. This software comes with the purchase of P4Q’s Suntrackpro products and BCB-Informática y Control’s Machine Vision.
“There is a large demand to implement solar tower solutions over the next few years.” says Aitor Alapont Suntrackpro Product Manager, “As the number one solar tracking controller vendor we need to continuously add value to our products. By deploying our Heliostat Calibration system we increase the efficiency of a tower field. When people are paying millions if not billions of dollars, this efficiency is critical for the electric company, financiers and implementers.”

“We have been able to successfully take our Machine Vision product, a combination of sensors and cameras, and apply this to calibrating a solar tower field, automobile gauge adjustments, bar code readings, character recognition, aviation guidance systems, robotic movements and intelligent transport systems. This is the level of intelligence developed for this application”, says Jose Luis Bezares, partner of BCB. “This is a great example of our mission to merge communications and detection systems for good causes.”

The system requires a unique deployment by storing measurements of each group of heliostats in the solar tracking controller. Then on a periodic basis the system, with the use of cameras and sensors, measure the current angles of the heliostat groups against the proper measurement of the heliostats. The Heliostat Calibration system will then adjust for any differences between the actual and exact position of the heliostats. At the end of the process all heliostats with be configured. During this entire process the heliostat field will continue to be creating as much heat in the tower as possible. This heat creates steam that is pumped to the top of the towers and this steam creates electricity similar to today’s coal or natural gas power plants.
The management system that allows you to configure this during deployment and later during operations is located either within the Suntrackpro solar tracking controller or seamlessly through the SCADA system. The connection can be via Ethernet or wireless. This is another example of innovation in the solar industry to go beyond grid parity by driving down costs and improving energy yield.

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