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The monitored String-Box implements advanced features such as monitoring the status of the string currents, evaluating their performances and detecting possible
problems or faulty/shaded strings, which may result in reduced yield.
Diagram of the System

System Specifications
1.- Aluminum cast IP67 cabinet
2.- 8 string parallel connection (10 Amps)
3.- Maintenance free string wire plugs
4.- Active Disconnector on all poles 1000Vdc
5.- Overcurrent protection on each string on + and -
6.- Inverse polarity detection during installation.
7.- LED indicator (green-red)
8.- Easy to substitute overvoltage protections
9.- Blown fuse detection
10.- Confi guration PC SW application
11.- RS485 (Modbus) communication

Description of System Elements

Benefits of the system
1.- Quick and simple mounting
2.- Fully preassembled and ready for installation
3.- Verifi cation of correct connection of the DC series
4.- Overcurrent protection Fuses in + and in –
5.- Overvoltage protection
6.- Permanent monitoring of the system:
6.1. Power generation
6.2. Current per each string
6.3. Voltage
6.4. Fuse and protections status

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