Suntrack Support

Prototype Support

Generally, there are two phases to our engagements.  One is creating and implementing a prototype and the second is high volume deployment.
During your prototype we will deliver you the device, a manual to set up the hardware and a manual to operate our management system.  Also, there is an online forum for answers to questions asked in the past.  You can also ask question through this forum and we will respond.  These all help your installation.
We always prefer to be there during your installation.  We offer on site services for a fee and expenses.  These need to be scheduled and we will spend one day setting up, a second day installing with your crew and a third day training.  This type of effort needs to be planned well in advance.

Suntrack Forum

Visit our online forum. This is an area our network can ask questions, research answers and communicate with us.

High Volume Deployment

The amount and type of support for deployments are often based on the size of the deployments.  For large deployments we will discuss always available controllers already configured for you.  We can also discuss periodic maintenance and software upgrades.  For companies that have smaller deployments we can discuss train the trainer education, how and when to deploy upgrades and products to use for multi environment management.

For all deployments we will discuss methods of on demand service if required.


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